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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Bowl 50 NFL Combine NFL Draft 2016 and WHAT?

 The NFL has made football a year long entertainment factor where fans can enjoy events every month.  The billion dollar industry has every NFL fan involved in Combine, free agency, the Draft, OTA's, Training Camp, and more.  They have guaranteed a year long stream of revenue.  It is simply genius.  It is one of the reasons why I have so much love and respect for the National Football League.

With so many different teams looking to make it to the Big Game in Houston next year, fans are eating, sleeping, and breathing the NFL.  And how can you blame them?  Super Bowl 50 week was one of the best I have ever been to as the city of San Francisco really had mastered the the events leading up to the big game in every way shape and form.  It all started with a fantastic media day as thousands of media outlets from all over the world were able to zone in on the top two NFL teams in the world.  The biggest, baddest, and best broadcasting crews were dressed to the nines and out in full effect asking question after question to the athletes that took the field on February 7th, 2016.  Lets just say that the stars of the show did not let them down.

Suits and Sneakers paired with Glazer Palooza for a night to remember as athletes from Rob Gronkowski to Marshall Faulk (who was the MC for the Elevee Lifestyle fashion show) showed up styling and profiling for this invite only event.   The event kicked off the exclusive party schedule in style with celebrity sightings from sports, music, movies and more.  It was a night to remember.

Radio Row was packed to the max as daily media members, athletes, and celebrities from all over the world waited thirty to forty minutes to pick up daily media passes from the Super Bowl Media Center.  It was worth the wait.  We were able to get fantastic interviews and for the average fan who was able to walk through the NFL Experience connected to Radio Row on Friday I guarantee they will remember that day for the rest of their life.  If you wanted to catch a glimpse of Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jenny McCarthy, Mark Cuban, Tony Romo, Coach Chuck Pagano, Troy Aikman, Coach Jen Welter, Brandon Marshall (to name a few) radio row was the place to be Super Bowl week.

Don't forget the first ever NFL women's summit where females that have made history like coach Jen Welter, Serena Williams, Billy Jean King, Jordan Sparks, Sarah Thomas and Charlotte Jones Anderson spread their wisdom to a packed house.   This ticket was in high demand.   I still can't figure out why they gave the first and only Female to officially coach in the NFL in 2015 less than fifteen minutes to speak at an NFL event, but who am I to complain.   I am just a radio host and writer that has a passion for the NFL with hopes and dreams to show the world that athletes and coaches do fantastic things off of the field.

The fine people at Chat Sports along with SQOR hosted a WISE event with Coach Jen Welter where she spoke and motivated a select group of female executives, and industry professionals that people were still talking about at Leigh Steinberg's legendary event on Saturday.

EA Sports/Madden event had the entertainment of the week with Ludacris, Fall out Boy, Too Short, and more were kicking it old school for the elite invitee's.   (One of my favorite events of the week).  If you are anybody in the sports and entertainment industry you made an appearance at this event.  I was intrigued my Jameis Winston's girlfriend as she reminded me of Beyonce.  She actually is extremely intelligent, and is pursuing a career in Sports Broadcasting.  (Maybe I will call her to be the next Sports Girl.)  The event was a thrill on many levels.

SQOR sports outdid themselves with their Legends Of The Game event that highlighted some of the greatest athletes to ever pick up a football in the National Football League.  Brett Favre, Tiki Barber, and Charles Woodson were just a few names to walk the red carpet and present at this highly sought after ticket on Friday evening.  This invite only event was standing room only as the PAC 12 building hosted the biggest and best in sports.  I have mad respect for their CEO, Brian Wilhite, and have to give a shout out to Piper Cook and staff for one of the classiest events a Super Bowl week has ever experienced.

Nobody does an event better than Leigh Steinberg as he outdid himself at his 29th annual Super Bowl party event that brought in star athletes, coaches, celebrities and bestows honors every year.  I literally cried to see my dear friend on stage with awards for Coach Hue Jackson, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Walter Peyton award winner Anquan Boldin, and Jack Brewer as philanthropy is what makes Leigh Steinberg and his partner Cosmo DeNicola legend all stars.  This event will never disappoint and getting an invite is like getting a golden ticket to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory each year.

There was Playboy, Direct TV, Maxim, Leather and Laces, Rolling Stone, and several others as it is physically impossible for one person to attend them all unless you have invented a way to clone yourself.  It was a week to remember as I have made friends, business connections, and allies in the industry which I eat, sleep, and breathe every second of my free time.

So what happened this week at Combine?
What happens next week on March 9th when free agency officially begins?
What will "Draft City" look like April 28th in Chicago?  I guess you will have to wait for the next blog as this one has enough punch to knock Ronda Rousey out cold.

Enjoy the pictures, and for a full recap visit in the next few weeks as yes I still have not had time to upload all of the professional videos, pictures and videos from Super Bowl 50 week yet.  Yes, I know three weeks have gone by, but I have been extremely busy washing my hair and painting my toes.  (That was my attempt at humor.)

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Until the next blog we at The Sports Girls LLC wish you a very happy week, and hope that your team will shine and make the best decisions possible this off season.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Snoop Dogg goes down! Pembroke Pines Optmist team claims National Championship

Snoop Dogg Saying hello to PPO Team

The American Youth Football League 12U has a new National Champion, The Pembroke Pines Optimist!  On November 22nd 2015 at 6pm EST the Diamond Valley Steelers lead by head coach Calvin Broadus came marching on to the field at Charter High school with their heads held high!  They were #2 in Snoop Dogg's youth football league, and Snoop himself brought on a challenge to the PPO team.  A challenge they took seriously and literally ran with to obtain a 35-27 point victory. 

Head coach Chris McGonigal said pre game “ We want to win for the city of Pembroke Pines” and win is exactly what they did.  The head referee Teddy Brown along with back judge, Wesley Floyd, Umpire James Canty, Line Judge Anthony Smith and Mike Dulaney made some great calls for both teams all evening.  I had a hard time remembering that I was watching twelve-year-old kids play football and not a college Big Ten or SEC match up.  Want to hear a few of the high lights?  Yes, I believe that you do.

The Steelers came on strong in the first quarter as their primary wide receiver; Elijah Davis caught a bomb pass on a slant route that had me nervous for the PPO team at first glance.  Jason Black, the Steelers running back ran like Barry Sanders back in the day, however he was tackled several times by the Bengals defensive monsters.  The quarter back for the Bengals, Nicolas Vattiato is a future Cam Newton and had god speed on the field.  This kid has mad skills!  Robert Floyd made an exceptional grab and continued to gain twenty-five yards like a super star.  Vinson Davis almost took it to the house on the next play however a block in the back was called against the Bengals to prevent him from the TD.  It was a tremendous effort.  Corey Clarke made several excellent plays for the Bengals.  Floyd had another immaculate run to kick off the second quarter, however another offensive penalty; block in the back was called. 

Vinson Davis made an almost impossible one-handed grab as I thought I was watching Odell Beckham Jr. with 3:41 minutes to go in the second quarter.  Jaden McBurrows took it to the house on the next play making it 20-0 Bengals.   The extra point was made, as that seems to be a challenge for these kids.  Making field goals, kicking, and punting is harder than it looks.  As rich Eisen says, “Punters are people too.”  Elijah Davis is a super star for the Steelers and finally scored a TD to put the Steelers on the board.    He is no match to Robert Floyd of the Bengals who again executed on play after play.  21-7 Bengals lead at the half.

The Bengals had the ball first in the second half and Davis made one heck of a return to their 49-yard line.  It looked like a great drive until a fumble on the Steelers 26 yard line.  Wait, what is this?  Snoop Dogg is on the field?  He is literally on the 30-yard line singing gin and juice?  Just kidding, as he was on the field discussing something we could not hear in the press box with the umpire.  Note that Snoop Dogg was on the field several times during the match up.  I guess he thinks that he is Bill Belichick in another life.  Darryl Reed for the Bengals made a superb tackle for the defense at a crucial moment as Steelers RB (and WR) Elijah Davis almost scored.  Jaylin Smith smashed into the end zone with furious speed making it 21-14 after the extra point.  Face mask calls in the American Youth football league can and will be called.  Steelers called out on that penalty with 2 minutes left in the third quarter. 

The crowd goes wild when a flag was thrown for equipment violation against the Bengals on the next play.  They were not happy with the call.  Rolle Micah was a hero with a pick six as he ran like lightning to score for the Bengals.   The scene was similar to a NFC championship playoff game as the score was tied 21-21 at the end of the third quarter.  The fourth quarter felt like I was on a swing set with Jaden McBurrows making several exceptional plays only to get called back due to several Bengals offensive penalties back to back.  Floyd took off like Marshall Faulk and “The Greatest Show on Turf”, and eventually Snoop called a time out.   It did not matter as the Bengals scored another TD and the kicker made the extra point making it 29-21.  Yes, I just realized that they get two points for kicking the “extra point” in the AYFL.  Just when the Bengals thought they had the game in the bag the Steelers Super Star Davis ran over 60 yards after the kick return to score a TD however the extra point was no good making it 29-27 with only 4:34 minutes remaining in the game.  Vinson Davis scored shortly after again for the Bengals making it 35-27 as the extra point was missed.  The Steelers came out light lightning as Jason Black made a Michael Irvin like catch however; the ball was fumbled with less than a minute to play. 

The Bengals entire team ran onto the field as “I’m Going Back to Cali” blared over the stadium speakers.  The game was exciting, energizing, and so great to see the teamwork and community support from both sides.  They all shook hands, as Snoop Dogg made his way down the line to congratulate everyone.  Snoop Dogg’s challenge was officially taken, tackled, and topped by the Pembroke Pines Optimist team.  Everyone here at The Sports Girls LLC congratulates each and every athlete on the field.  We look forward to next year.  Coach Chris McGonial and his Pembroke Pines Bengals are the AYFL 12U National Champions. 

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Happy Holidays From The Sports Girl, Beth Silverberg

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Coin Toss

Bengals Celebrate the win!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Sports Girls Welcome Snoop Dogg and the Diamond Valley Steelers to South Florida for the AYFL National Championship

It is a fabulous time of year for The Sports Girls.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner as pumpkin spiced wall flowers ignite our senses we surround ourselves with family and friends.   We watch NFL football every Sunday, and continue to support various charity events like Lamar Miller's Celebrity Bowling Tournament Monday November 23rd.  The Super Bowl is less than 10 weeks away and to think that America finds the NFL competitive?  How about the American Youth Football League?  The National Championship for them is literally a nights sleep away.  As my good friend Jason Jackson from HEAT LIVE would say, "It is time."  The Bengals accept Snoop's challenge and are ready for a competitive game as they are undefeated and ready to prove their worth!  Bring it on Snoop Dogg.

The AYFL 12U National Championship game is coming up tomorrow!  South Florida welcomes legendary music icon Snoop Dogg and his #2 Diamond Valley Steelers as they look to take the championship dreams away from the #1 Pembroke Pines Optimist Bengals.  This is a game that you won't want to miss.  Charter High School Field will be swarmed with proud parents, media moguls like myself, and fabulous fans at 6pm tomorrow to see which team will be crowned the champions.  Who says Pembroke Pines is not a thrilling place to spend you Sunday evening?  Tickets are $10 and children under five years of age are free.

The Pembroke Pines Optimist Bengals Hall of Fame includes football icons like the Giants Pro Bowler Jon Beason, Ex-Miami Dolphins life member Patrick Surtain, and many others.  Can the 2014 Super Bowl and State champs reign over Snoop Dogg's infamous Diamond Valley Steelers?  It's win or go home as stated on the Snoop Dogg Youth football team web site as his #1 Steelers are making a trip across the country to the "dirty south."  Which team will prevail?  These great kids demonstrate leadership, positivity, teamwork, and support their community.  The Sports Girls will be on the scene tomorrow so stay tuned for the next blog.

We know you miss "The Inside Score", and we are working very hard to find a new home for this program.  More details coming soon.  The NFL Alumni of Central Florida and The Sports Girls have teamed up to promote all of the great charity events, fundraising activities, and social media awareness actions of this immaculate foundation.   Last week we encouraged the citizens of South Florida to support the Wounded Warriors Project as these vibrant, brave, individuals played a fantastic game of flag football against the NFL Alumni.  Special thanks to coach Jen Welter for taking part in this event.  #SaluteToService

Do you have what it takes to be a "Sports Girl?"  Visit and click on "Want to be a sports girl" and tell us why you want to join our new show in 2016.  Enter to become part of our talented team!  To hear what great things the NFL Alumni of Central Florida is up to stay tuned to The Sports Girls Blog.  Their "Save The Turf Event" is going on right now.  Please click on the link below.  Raffle tickets for a brand new Audi A7 and a beautiful Breitling watch valued at over $12,000 can be purchased via the link below.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Master Female Golfer and NFL expert DE light up PodcastOne on The Inside Score with The Sports Girls

The Inside Score on 


The Sports Girls Are Back!!!
The Inside Score, with The Sports Girls, is the only show that takes fans outside the lines and into the lives of athletes, coaches and sports professionals. Join host Beth Silverberg, along with Tsin-Tsin Ong and Stacie DeBerry as they focus on the positive attributes, charitable foundations, and causes these sports stars support. Get the inside scoop on the Inside Score. New episodes every Thursday at

Seema Sadekar
Seema Sadekar

Seema Sadekar is a former competitive golfer on the LPGA and Symetra Tours.  Throughout her competitive years, she developed a passion for growing the game for women and young girls in a positive and self-fulfilling way.  She wants to share with them how golf can bring confidence, self-awareness and healthy competition into their lives.  In my spare time, she works with business, corporations, charities, celebrities and various groups to grow the game of golf through fun events and experiences.  You can visit her business at 
Sadekar has been playing golf since the age of 11 in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.  She attended high school at the prestigious IMG Sports Academy in Bradenton, Florida.  From there she was awarded a golf scholarship to UNLV.  During her years at UNLV, Sidecar broke through for her first career win at the BYU Dixie Classic and was given Mountain West Conference Honors.  She currently still holds UNLV's women's record low round of 66.

Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin

Aaron Maybin was selected as the 11th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills and is a former defensive end standout at Penn State University. Aaron went on to play in the NFL for the New York Jets and the Cincinnati Bengals. Aaron also played professionally by bringing senior talent and experience to the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL. His retirement from the NFL and professional football made media headlines when Aaron retired to pursue an already successful career in art.
Long before Aaron started his football career, he turned to painting, drawing, and writing poetry to push through the tragedies in his life. For as long as he can remember, Maybin wanted to play in the NFL, but the arts provided another outlet.  Aaron’s art now consumes the next stage of his life. Critical acclaim has followed him from football to canvas, as ESPN, HBO and others have highlighted the extraordinary work Maybin creates.
Aaron uses his artistry to give back to his community. In 2009, Aaron established Project Mayhem to provide aid, both personal and economic, to help underprivileged and at risk youth excel beyond their current conditions. Project Mayhem is a charitable fund registered under The Poise Foundation, a registered 501C3.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

March Madness NCAA Coach WimzR and The Sports Girls

The Inside Score on Hosted by BETH SILVERBERG

The Sports Girls Are Back!!!

The Inside Score, with The Sports Girls, is the only show that takes fans outside the lines and into the lives of athletes, coaches and sports professionals. Join host Beth Silverberg, along with Tsin-Tsin Ong and Stacie DeBerry as they focus on the positive attributes, charitable foundations, and causes these sports stars support. Get the inside scoop on the Inside Score. New episodes every Thursday at

Blake Mori w/
John Parilo

Blake Mori along with John Parilo founded wimZr to enhance people's experience prior to arriving at any travel destination, sporting event, music festival or business conference anywhere around the world.  
Mori has owned an insurance agency with Farmer's Insurance since 2006.  He gives back to Coldwell Banker community fund to build homes for the less fortunate and has been a staple of the agency since working with real estate agents in that office.
More started a group at the American Century Celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe known as the 7th Hole Hecklers.  The group started in 2005, as a small group of five having fun with the celebrities and athletes joking in a positive way and almost 10 years later it has become and event in itself for spectators who come to watch as we mingle and josh with the athletes playing in the tournament.
Parilo is currently running all aspects of wimZr ranging from day-to-day operations, marketing, social media and everything in between.
Parilo played a role on Mayor Kevin Johnson's team for the miracle story, helping to save the Sacramento Kings and secured plans to build a state-of-the-art downtown entertainment and sports center in the heart of downtown Sacramento.

Jerry Francis

Jerome Francis Jr., formerly the Boy’s Varsity Basketball Coach at Pickerington Central High School, which won the 2012 Division I Boy’s State Basketball Championship, the first State title in Pickerington basketball history.   He was also named OCC Ohio Division Coach of the Year, and Columbus Dispatch Coach of the Year.
Francis has previously been an NCAA Division I Head Coach and has held assistant coaching positions at several prominent Division I schools, lastly Oregon State University in April 2007.
Francis formerly served as an assistant coach at Nebraska during the 2005-06 seasons.  He helped the Cornhuskers to a 19-14 overall record, into the semifinals of the Big 12 Conference Tournament and a berth in the NIT.
Prior to that, Francis was the Head Coach at Prairie View A&M University for three seasons (2003-05). He was the 2002-03 Southwestern Athletic Conference Coach of the Year after he led the Panthers to a 17-12 record and the regular-season SWAC title.  It was Prairie View’s first conference title since 1962, and Francis was also honored as the National Rookie Coach of the Year by
He has also been an assistant coach at Houston for two seasons (2001-02), Ball State for three seasons (1998-00), Ohio State for three seasons (1995-97), Butler for one season (1994) the Bulldogs went 16-13 overall and tied for second place in the Midwest Collegiate Conference and Bowling Green for one season (1993).  
Francis graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in education in 1991.  He was a four-year starter for the Buckeyes from 1986-89 and appeared in four postseason tournaments.  On Ohio State’s all-time records list, he ranks second in games played (133) and 16th in scoring (1,486 points).  He is a native of Columbus, Ohio.  He is married to Mimi Lang Francis.  He has two 21-year-old twin daughters, Jarel and Jaren, and two sons, Duntae (26), Jerome Francis III (14) and 2 grandson’s Jayden (5) and Keyuntae (2).

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