Monday, April 28, 2014

Aaron Rodgers brother Luke Rodgers, Jim Sweeney, and Scott Manthorne LIVE Tonight at 7pm EST on The Inside Score

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The Sports Girls LLC Present “The Inside Score” Season 2 with MIKE cartoon creator, Jim Sweeney, the Co-Founder of All Sports United, Scott Manthorne and Luke Rodgers.   Follow us on twitter @beth_sportsgirl @tsinx2 and @Sportsbasix to find out details of the contest! Limited sponsorship is available. This season the #TSG will knock your socks off.  We have a line up of stories by athletes and talent that no other media outlet in the world can bring you.  Thank you to all the loyal listeners of The Inside Score Presented by The Sports Girls.

Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney Is the creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character.   Jim has carefully crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand to transcend all sports.  Jim plans to grow his MIKE character to eventually be seen on TV, web, Jumbotrons and mobile products. However, MIKE has emerged with an incredible start in ebooks. 

With 33 published MIKE Sports Comic Books, Jim expects to distribute 1 million total MIKE ebooks by 2015. All of the ebooks contain clever sports comics and light hearted commentaries on MIKE’s inventive observations about sports. In addition, Jim has written dozens of audio monologues and hundreds of blogs through the voice of the MIKE character.

 Jim’s other sports creations include KIX - a Latina soccer ball, Disko - a scrappy hockey puck from Zamboni, MN, and Spike Bumpsetter - a volleyball from Huntington Beach, CA.

Scott Manthorne

Scott Manthorne is the Co-Founder of All Sports United.  He has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategic networking and philanthropic endeavors.  His passion for helping others, impacting the world on a macro level, and collaborating to form highly impactful partnerships brought to fruition All Sports United. Prior to this, he co-founded Athletes and Executives, which was an industry leader strategically connecting business executives with athlete entrepreneurs nationally.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Florida Southern College, is an avid tennis player, and actively involved in his community.  He is the proud father of a daughter, coaches both soccer & softball, and serves on numerous boards.
Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers is a life-long athlete, an avid adventurist, traveler, & MBA-holding executive, who also happens to be the brother of Packers Super Bowl Champion quarterback Aaron Rodgers & NFL Player Jordan Rodgers.
Luke started his career in “sports” on Fuel TV’s “Clean Break”. The show followed 3 adventure seekers that were paired with a crew of legendary water sportsmen to test the boundaries of their comfort zones. Zip-lining, surfing, spear-fishing, underwater rock running & diving with sharks were all part of the incredible adventure. The show also inspired Luke to continue to challenge himself as an entrepreneur. Pro Merch was born in 2011 with Luke’s simple vision of bringing the athlete directly to the fan through wearable art. He wanted to create a world where athletes, artists & fans could collaborate together to bring out the personality & uniqueness of each athlete & hand it directly to the most passionate fans.
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