Friday, November 27, 2015

Snoop Dogg goes down! Pembroke Pines Optmist team claims National Championship

Snoop Dogg Saying hello to PPO Team

The American Youth Football League 12U has a new National Champion, The Pembroke Pines Optimist!  On November 22nd 2015 at 6pm EST the Diamond Valley Steelers lead by head coach Calvin Broadus came marching on to the field at Charter High school with their heads held high!  They were #2 in Snoop Dogg's youth football league, and Snoop himself brought on a challenge to the PPO team.  A challenge they took seriously and literally ran with to obtain a 35-27 point victory. 

Head coach Chris McGonigal said pre game “ We want to win for the city of Pembroke Pines” and win is exactly what they did.  The head referee Teddy Brown along with back judge, Wesley Floyd, Umpire James Canty, Line Judge Anthony Smith and Mike Dulaney made some great calls for both teams all evening.  I had a hard time remembering that I was watching twelve-year-old kids play football and not a college Big Ten or SEC match up.  Want to hear a few of the high lights?  Yes, I believe that you do.

The Steelers came on strong in the first quarter as their primary wide receiver; Elijah Davis caught a bomb pass on a slant route that had me nervous for the PPO team at first glance.  Jason Black, the Steelers running back ran like Barry Sanders back in the day, however he was tackled several times by the Bengals defensive monsters.  The quarter back for the Bengals, Nicolas Vattiato is a future Cam Newton and had god speed on the field.  This kid has mad skills!  Robert Floyd made an exceptional grab and continued to gain twenty-five yards like a super star.  Vinson Davis almost took it to the house on the next play however a block in the back was called against the Bengals to prevent him from the TD.  It was a tremendous effort.  Corey Clarke made several excellent plays for the Bengals.  Floyd had another immaculate run to kick off the second quarter, however another offensive penalty; block in the back was called. 

Vinson Davis made an almost impossible one-handed grab as I thought I was watching Odell Beckham Jr. with 3:41 minutes to go in the second quarter.  Jaden McBurrows took it to the house on the next play making it 20-0 Bengals.   The extra point was made, as that seems to be a challenge for these kids.  Making field goals, kicking, and punting is harder than it looks.  As rich Eisen says, “Punters are people too.”  Elijah Davis is a super star for the Steelers and finally scored a TD to put the Steelers on the board.    He is no match to Robert Floyd of the Bengals who again executed on play after play.  21-7 Bengals lead at the half.

The Bengals had the ball first in the second half and Davis made one heck of a return to their 49-yard line.  It looked like a great drive until a fumble on the Steelers 26 yard line.  Wait, what is this?  Snoop Dogg is on the field?  He is literally on the 30-yard line singing gin and juice?  Just kidding, as he was on the field discussing something we could not hear in the press box with the umpire.  Note that Snoop Dogg was on the field several times during the match up.  I guess he thinks that he is Bill Belichick in another life.  Darryl Reed for the Bengals made a superb tackle for the defense at a crucial moment as Steelers RB (and WR) Elijah Davis almost scored.  Jaylin Smith smashed into the end zone with furious speed making it 21-14 after the extra point.  Face mask calls in the American Youth football league can and will be called.  Steelers called out on that penalty with 2 minutes left in the third quarter. 

The crowd goes wild when a flag was thrown for equipment violation against the Bengals on the next play.  They were not happy with the call.  Rolle Micah was a hero with a pick six as he ran like lightning to score for the Bengals.   The scene was similar to a NFC championship playoff game as the score was tied 21-21 at the end of the third quarter.  The fourth quarter felt like I was on a swing set with Jaden McBurrows making several exceptional plays only to get called back due to several Bengals offensive penalties back to back.  Floyd took off like Marshall Faulk and “The Greatest Show on Turf”, and eventually Snoop called a time out.   It did not matter as the Bengals scored another TD and the kicker made the extra point making it 29-21.  Yes, I just realized that they get two points for kicking the “extra point” in the AYFL.  Just when the Bengals thought they had the game in the bag the Steelers Super Star Davis ran over 60 yards after the kick return to score a TD however the extra point was no good making it 29-27 with only 4:34 minutes remaining in the game.  Vinson Davis scored shortly after again for the Bengals making it 35-27 as the extra point was missed.  The Steelers came out light lightning as Jason Black made a Michael Irvin like catch however; the ball was fumbled with less than a minute to play. 

The Bengals entire team ran onto the field as “I’m Going Back to Cali” blared over the stadium speakers.  The game was exciting, energizing, and so great to see the teamwork and community support from both sides.  They all shook hands, as Snoop Dogg made his way down the line to congratulate everyone.  Snoop Dogg’s challenge was officially taken, tackled, and topped by the Pembroke Pines Optimist team.  Everyone here at The Sports Girls LLC congratulates each and every athlete on the field.  We look forward to next year.  Coach Chris McGonial and his Pembroke Pines Bengals are the AYFL 12U National Champions. 

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