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The Sports Girls Gospel on Alonzo Mourning, Mario Chalmers and Leigh Steinberg Charity Work

Mario Chalmers and Family
The Sports Girls Tsin Tsin and Beth Silverberg with Guest Natalie Nutrifit
The Mario V Chalmers Foundation

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft
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Date: 12-16-13  Original Air Date

Episode Title: The Sports Girls LLC Present The Inside Score Featuring Alonzo Mourning, Leigh Steinberg, and Mario Chalmers!

Episode Description 
The Sports Girls LLC Presents The Inside Score debut, and we promise not to let sports-fans down.  There is a saying that goes “go big or go home” as we have decided to go over the top!  Our first edition features two elite Miami Heat athletes, Alonzo Mourning and Mario Chalmers, along with the NFL agent credited as the real-life inspiration for the Sports Agent Character from the film “Jerry Maguire – Lee Steinberg.”  Lee Steinberg’s wealth of resources and experiences ensure he is frequently sought out to act as a consultant on a variety of entertainment projects, most notably “For Love of the Game,” “Any Given Sunday,'' and the TV series “Arliss.”  The Miami Heat are currently 2X NBA World champions chasing after that golden 3-peat. We are going to let these elite athletes talk about their foundations, passions, and goals.  Alonzo Mouring and Mario Chalmers both do so much for their community. It’s time to hear about some of the positive stories within the NBA.

Guest Bio Information:
Leigh Steinberg
Leigh Steinberg is widely recognized as the country’s leading sports agent and one of the most noteworthy sports attorneys in the nation. Leigh has represented the Number 1 pick in the NFL draft a record eight times, in addition to representing over 60 other first round draft picks just in the NFL, feats unheard of in today's marketplace. He may be best known as the inspiration for the lead character in Jerry Maguire who was a sports agent. In fact, Leigh made a cameo appearance at the end of the film. During his nearly 40 years in the industry, Steinberg has negotiated well over two billion dollars in deals for his clients. His firm, Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, maintains a client roster that is highlighted by some of the most high profile names in sports, including the likes of Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Ben Roethlisberger, Lennox Lewis, and Oscar de la Hoya. Leigh’s media appearances include CNN, ESPN and all four major networks, as well as numerous print media coverage.

Alonzo Mourning
Alonzo Mourning, a seven time NBA All-Star lives by the mantra that “to whom is given, much will be required.” He and his wife, Tracy, believe that by giving back to their community, they will set an unshakeable foundation for generations to come. Nicknamed "Zo", Mourning played at center, and his tenacity on defense twice earned him NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award, and perennially placed him on the NBA All-Defensive Team. He later won the 2006 NBA Championship with the Miami Heat, and in 2009, Mourning became the first Heat player to have his number retired. Alonzo Mourning carries that same tenacity over to other parts of his life, including the development of the Mourning Family Foundation. Since 1997, the Foundation has raised nearly 10 million dollars, with the goal to inspire others through advocacy, education, and enrichment services to enable donors with varied interests in children’s issues, the benefit of giving to several charities from their one contribution.

Mario Chalmers
Mario Chalmers acquired a love for basketball at the age of 3 and quickly advanced to the real court by age 5, playing his first organized basketball game with the Elmendorf Youth League in Alaska. By age 12, Mario brought home is first championship trophy. With more awards to come, Mario earned a place on the Defensive First Team for the University of Kansas, and hitting the "Miracle Shot" solidified his place in KU history. Shortly after the NCAA Championship win, Mario decided to enter the NBA draft. Known for steals on the court Mario was labeled "the steal of the draft” and was ecstatic when he became part of the Miami Heat. Mario will be remembered for many basketball heroics, but he's reaching beyond this by helping cancer patients. "Mario's Closet" offers low cost accessories like wigs, cosmetics, bras and prosthetics. For men and women fighting cancer, Mario's Closet is a comforting place that restores confidence, dignity and hope through personalized image renewal.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN!  What does Mario Chalmers Like to do on his day off?  How does he help grow the Mario V Chalmers Foundation?

The Sports Girls are so excited to bring you the A-List athletes with positive stories only heard on The Inside Score Presented by "The Sports Girls".

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