Thursday, February 6, 2014

SuperbowlXLVIII InterView Clips From Radio Row NYC and More on The Inside Score

Live on Radio Row
 The Sports Girls Tsin Tsin Ong and Beth Silverberg were live in New York City for an entire week!  We have some clips that will shock you and have decided to let the athlete's and the celebrity icons tell you their story on The Next edition of "The Inside Score on Voice America Network Monday February 10th at 7pm EST!  You will not want to miss this episode.  Is that one of those actors from the movie Anchorman?  What is his name again?  LOL.  We want to see if you are paying attention to our blog.  Comment with his name for a chance to appear on our show!

Anchorman Anybody 
The sports girls got to spend time with Michael Irvin, Archie Manning, Rashad Jennings, Quintin Demps, Reggie Bush, Kevin Costner, Keith Willis, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Bryant McKinnie, Santana Moss, and several more we will surprise you with!  SuperbowlXLVIII week was more fun than the game itself.   Shout out to La'Roi Glover for getting The Sports Girls on the private yacht to New Jersey!  It was the best lecture from Archie Manning to his fans!  You want to hear more?

Michael Irvin and The Original Sports Girl Beth Silverberg
Fox Sports Hosted by Jay Glazer

Archie Manning

HOF NFL Running Back Barry Sanders

Jennifer "Draft Day Premiere April 11th

 The Sports Girls took on quite the party scene while in NYC!  The Jocks and Jill's Party, FOX VIP Party red carpet hosted by Jay Glazer, the NFLPA Legends suite thanks to Lemont Williams, The NIKE Suite, Leather and Laces, EA Sports, ESPN, and the infamous Leigh Steinberg party were just a few hot spots to stop by on Super Bowl week.  The private suite with Archie Manning was the highlight of my trip to the chilly city.

We can't post it all so we are asking you to click on the right side of this blog and down load the show to your desktop.  More coming soon, and we are the only   Sports Girls that bring you stories about the athletes that you won't hear on boring talk radio shows.
Kevin Costner "Draft Day The Movie"

Lemont Williams and NFL Commish
Rashad Jennings
Leigh Steinberg's new book

The Queen SuperBowlXLVIII

Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo
We hope that you will down load all of the previous episodes of The Inside Score on ITunes and we are going to surprise you with our guest list for our Feb 10th show!  

Concussion Summit SuperbowlXLVII
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