Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Sports Girls Gospel Blog is here!

Hello, I am Beth The Creator of The Sports Girls LLC MEDIA Corp. The Sports Girls LLC is the ultimate media destination for people who love and want to learn about sports in a fun way. Our television series, "The Inside Score", will be on a network near you soon.  This Blog will consist of some fiction and non-fiction, but will guarantee to make you laugh while providing insight on daily imperative topics in sports.  The Sports Girls have decided to make a daily (will strive to update daily) journal about the life of a true sports girl and the world of sports as I see it.  I Co-Host a radio show, work for the best animal health pharmaceutical company in the world, publish books, tweet, blog, and love SPORTS.  Most of all, I like to give.  If you think you have what it takes to become an elite Sports Girl like myself, please go to and send your audition video and tell us why today.  You can subscribe to our daily news letter #TSGNEWS, apply to be part of our team, shout out to @Beth_Sportsgirl, Like our Facebook Page at TheSportsGirls/Silverberg, or just read this blog.  You are your own destiny.  Those who are willing to take risks can explore the beauty held within the mind.   No clue where I heard that, but it has stuck with me for over fifteen years.  Partial proceeds from all Sports Girls Entries will go to The Marshall Faulk foundation because Marshall Faulk simply just Rocks.  We hope you enjoy our Blog, and may your team WIN!