Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel and WHAT TO DO?

The Sports Girls Gospel and What to do?
Day 3-9-13
Time 1:25pm
Music: Beat It "Michael Jackson"
Mood: Busy
Quote: Make It Happen!

So it is 73 and all sun outside.  After looking online and seeing that DD has indeed hacked another one of my Social Media accounts I have decided to turn off the computer and head to the beach.  Very excited about going to the HEAT game on Tuesday.  They are making history once again.  Do you think that they will tie the Winning Streak record?  It is possible to tie, but not exceed since there are not that many games left.   I am making arrangements to go to NYC for the draft in April..  Life as a Sports Girl is a lot of work, but SO MUCH FUN...  Very Busy but before I go I wanted to add to the list on the Dirty Devil.

3.  The Dirty Devil is so delusional that he or she thinks people actually listen to the fake shows.   It turns out it is all just a scam, and the shows were NEVER on the radio except for the one in his or her head.   Only in cyberspace...

Gonna go get my bikini on..   Don't forget to listen to the Artie Clear show at 6pm on Monday as we will be LIVE on a real radio sports show, on a real radio network....  

Happy Saturday.   What do you plan to do today?


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