Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on HEAT FINALS Game 2

I am live at AAA watching the teams warm up for what may be the biggest game of the Miami HEAT organization's 2013 year thus far.  Is it a coincidence that 21 years ago from today Michael Jordan had the best second half of NBA final history?  Can Lebron James have a similar experience tonight?

As I sit on the sideline and watch these two teams prepare for a win there are a few things that I have noticed.  Dwayne Wade's knee is not one hundred percent.  I have watched this man play basketball for years now, and there is something that is off.  If you were coaching an NBA team in the finals would you play one of your all stars for thirty minutes or more each game if you knew he was not up to par?  I also see that the Spur's organization is as Randy Jackson says, "In it to win it"!  The Miami Heat need to regain their identity as the world champions before tipoff.   They need to turn their aggression towards the loss on Thursday into positive energy, and take the lead in the first quarter.

Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are no joke.  The final shot Parker made in game one was immaculate.  Earlier in the season the media was asking who in the NBA can go up against Lebron James?  Obviously, Tony Parker is one man that has no fear.   The Spurs will continue to try and force the ball out of the hands of Lebron James while pushing the tempo to allow Parker to score like Gordie Howe on speed.

This will be another one for the record books folks.  The HEAT have had two days to prepare to battle the Spurs tonight however, a loss will take Miami into San Antonio for the next three games.  More Later.  Enjoy the game.

Much Love~
Your Original Sports Girl
Beth Silverberg