Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on HEAT VS PACERS GAME 6

The Sports Girls Gospel on Game 3 HEAT VS PACERS
Day 6-1-13
Time 7:20 PM 
Music: Sexual Seduction "Snoop LION or DOG"
Quote: "HEAT IN SIX"

Many are wondering how the Miami Heat ended up in this situation.  How in the world did they let the Pacers force them into a Game six of this series?  Most people would have to admit that when the Miami Heat are one game away from winning a round in the Finals their playing strategy can be defined in one word. "FIERCE".  We intend to see a battle like World War II in Indianapolis tonight.  With the wins alternating in this series from the Heat to the Pacers the last five games, coach Spoelstra is not looking to have a Game 7.  That means a Heat win is mandatory!   The Pacers lost game six in the final last year on home court against Miami and they are going to do their best to ensure history is not repeated.

"It's about effort," Pacers center Roy Hibbert said. "It's about who wants it more, who wants to get that offensive rebound, who wants to get that blocked shot, who wants to get the loose ball. We just have to come out with more determination. It's not anything the coaches can tell us, it's about what's in here. It's lose or go home right now." **Courtesy Tim Renolds AP**

Many fans of the Heat are wondering what is wrong with Dwayne Wade?  Will he have a fantastic winner moment in this series?  As if to add insult to injury, Chris Andersen has been suspended for Game 6 and will not be playing in this battle for the Eastern Conference Title this evening.   He knocked the Pacers Forward Tyler Hansbrough in game 5 and the altercation ended with coach Spoelstra pulling the "Birdman" away from Hansbrough.   Andersen has not missed a shot in the playoffs since Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls, and you have to wonder if they can win without him this evening?  He is fifteen for fifteen against the vivacious Pacers.  The entire Heat organization functions like a steam roller, flattening anyone or anything that gets in their way.  West is a bigger obstacle than the Miami Heat have seen in a long time.   If the entire Pacers organization were to be put into a desolate cave with only one member finding the exit, West would survive.  

No matter the outcome of the contest this evening, most analyst experts think that the Miami Heat will win the series, and move to the finals against The San Antionio Spurs on Thursday.   Coach Spoelstra likes to keep his team in the moment, and this is just another day of work for the Miami Heat.  Even while their winning streak was breaking records, the team remained humble.  

The Sports Girls LLC truly hope that the Miami Heat can pull out a win this evening however we feel fairly confident that the Miami Heat will be facing the San Antonio Spurs in the finals next Thursday.

Enjoy the Game
Don't drink and Drive
Give To Live

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