Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on Mario Chalmers and more

The Sports Girls LLC had an amazing day last week filming with 2X NBA Miami Heat Champion Mario Chalmers and several other professional basketball players.   This was an event set up by former Miami Heat Player Mark Strickland, Floyd Rag, and many others that care about athletes off of the court.  The 4th Annual All Star Professional Basketball Mini Camp was a great success.  It is nice to know that there are athlete's that do so many good things off of the court to help children and various foundations.

The Sports Girls LLC multi medial corporation is designed to be the ultimate destination for sports fans to see their favorite athlete's off of the court.   They will have the opportunity to ask their idols questions that may get answered on LIVE television.  We are working on the final details of The Inside Score, Presented by The Sports Girls.  Our Nation Wide Search is on going.  

I recently interviewed Mark Strickland and his goal is to set up four to five basketball mini camps a year to showcase the positive attributes most athletes obtain.  He spends endless hours working with children of all ages, and the time and dedication is impressive.  These children will never forget this experience and I truly want to thank all of the athletes that participated in this event.   The Sports Girls are planning on putting together LIVE TV interviews with several professional athletes and we will use social media to get the sports fan input.  What do you want to know about them?  Stay tuned for more information regarding "The Inside Score".  

I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the immaculate details of the Mario V Chalmers Foundation, Mario's Closet and Project 15.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mario's father, who is one really cool dude!  This is directly from his foundation page:

Mario Chalmers Foundation Project 15

Project 15 is a monetary award designed to provide funding to community organizations that inspire youth to participate in educational and recreational activities. Project 15 recipients are awarded based on essay submission and/or community recommendations. 

Mario's Closet

Mario Chalmers will always be remembered for making the miracle 3-point that helped propel the KU Jayhawks to the national title in 2008. Now, he's reaching beyond his basketball heriocs by helping cancer patients in the Lawrence Memorial Hospital. "Mario's Closet" will offer patients low cost accessories like wigs, cosmetics, bras and even prostheses. The Miami Heat guard says he always wanted to learn more about cancer after his childhood friend lost his mother to breast cancer. "I try to do my best on the basketball court so people will remember me, but off the court I try to do as much I can", said Chalmers. He added it's important to help out the people who are struggling to battle cancer.

The Mario Chalmers Foundation donated $25,000 to the hospital to create the shop. It will offer items at a reduced cost to some patients and is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Again for more information on this highly reputable foundation visit  I am sure you will be impressed like The Sports Girls Team was.

NBA Season is right around the corner once again.   Thank you so much for reading The Sports Girls Blog!

XOXO Your original Sports Girl~ Beth Silverberg