Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on The Detroit Lions NFL #LionBlood

As you may or may not be aware The Sports Girl LLC have a chance to meet and talk with some of the best players off the field in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and so much more.
There are so many great attributes some athlete's have off of the field.  I had the pleasure to spend some time with the Detroit Lions wide receiver, Nate Burleson while on vacation in my home town Detroit.  I have lionblood in me for life!  I was born and raised in West Bloomfield Michigan.

Nate has started an elite athletic line for men and women called Lionblood as well as am immaculate private line of high end tailor made suits called BLine.  Do you want a taste?  The Sports Girls highly encourage you to visit www.lionblood.com as I have seen some of the upcoming winter line.  This is not just a Detroit fad, this clothing line is in high demand all around the USA!  The cotton is as soft as silk, and the designs are sick.  I was amazed at how smart this man is.  He not only is becoming more dominant on the football field, but is running his own company and foundation.

Nate's foundation is called CATCH.  Mission Statement: The purpose of the Nate Burleson C.A.T.C.H Foundation is to reach and teach children and their families by providing them with educational tools to succeed as well as enriching their lives by showing them how to care for others, themselves and their future. Nate hosts many different charity events through out the year to raise funds to give back to children and families in need.  Did you have any idea that this athlete has accomplished so much in so little time?  The Sports Girls look forward to working with Nate and featuring him and Lionblood in our premiere of "The Inside Score" Tv series along with several other elite athletes and their foundations.  Our filming with Mario Chalmers and Mark Strickland three weeks ago was a blast.  See www.thesportsgirls.com for a sneak peak  of what we shot.  "Courtesy of Nate Burleson Foundation."

For a taste of what Nate did in week one versus the Viking's click on the link below courtesy of www.DetroitLions.com.  We just may see Nate wearing a gold jacket one day.  In the mean time if you are looking for a custom tailored made suit make sure you check out BLine!  

In this week's Belle Tire Coach's View, Herman Moore sits down with head coach Jim Schwartz to discuss Nate Burleson's chunk play that led to Detroit's first touchdown in an eventual 34-24 win. 

Click the above link to see the Live Interview!

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