Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on WINNING THE LOTTERY!!

The Sports Girls Gospel on The BIG WIN
Day 4-6-13
Time 2:13 PM 
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Quote: Give to Live!

So it finally happened today!  I won the Florida lottery!  Ok, not the entire amount, but did get 4 out of 6 numbers accurate, and won $77.50!  I am very excited as I hand picked these numbers myself.   It got me thinking about what I would do if I won seven figures.  The answer is simple.  First, and foremost I would pay the taxes up front.  Second, I would call Oprah and tell her that I am going to donate half, yes I mean half of the winnings to the charity that needs it the most.  We would have a nation wide television search for the charity that needs the funds the greatest.   I have a few in mind that I work with now, The Marshall Faulk Foundation, IPromise (Lebron James), Warrick Dunn, and the Humane Society would get a few hundred thousand.  The rest would go to the charity that convinces me they are doing the right thing.  In fact, I most likely will donate half of the $77.50 to the Marshall Faulk Foundation when I send them their next check from the Nation Wide Sports Girls Contest on   Third, I would open a 503-C and create The Sports Girls Care Foundation and create the most unique charity in the world.  (More details to come as we finish shooting "The Inside Score" television series.)   I am blessed to have so many friends, family, my health, wealth, and amazing life.  I would never need or spend all of the winnings on my own.  If you won the lottery what would you do with the winnings?  

It is Final Four weekend, and personally I am hoping that Louisville crushes Wichita State, and Michigan gets the win over Syracuse.  (Sorry Mia).  Our thoughts and prayers are still growing for Kevin Ware, who had a horrific, career breaking injury last weekend.  I couldn't even imagine the pain that poor kid had to go through, and the path to recovery he must endeavor upon.  I will not be watching the games however, I have an event at The Florida Panther Hockey arena that I am needed at.   I will make sure to Uverse the games so please don't tweet me the scores LOL.   I don't want to know until I can watch the both later this evening.  I hope everybody enjoys Final Four weekend, and don't drink and drive.  I am going to finish cleaning out my closet as I am donating over half of my wardrobe to various charity and organizations in need this weekend.

May everyone win the lottery once!  I should rephrase that....  May you win the lottery if you choose to share the wealth with those that need it the most..  


Much love,
Your Original Sports Girl!!