Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Sports Girls HEAT STREAK

The Sports Girls Gospel on The HEAT 27 game winning streak
Day 3-27-13
Time 10:55pm
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Mood: Proud
Quote: Nobody is perfect all of the time!

To all of my readers it has been a wonderful day,  (Let's Go Heat)

I know the Miami Heat Fans are not too happy at this very moment due to the loss against Chicago however, we need to remember, "The Heat is the Best team in the NBA".  Eight weeks, 53 nights, 13 road games, 17 home games, and the 2nd longest winning streak in NBA history.   What a ride.  It is actually just beginning....

I myself, am very proud of the entire Miami Heat organization.   Always remember your goals.  I personally have hit every goal of mine I have set for myself this year so far.  What are your personal goals?  There may be a bump in your road, but keep in mind you have those 22" run fast tires.  You can just cruise right on over it.  I guarantee you witnessed history if you were paying attention to the Miami Heat streak.  The streak was amazing, but the goal is to win TWO championships.  Congratulations to my friends, and all of the Heat members on and off the court.

Excited for the Sweet 16?  My four teams are still alive in the bracket "Fox Sports presents The Sports Girls NCAA Bracket".  Are you part of our bracket team?  It has been a fun, long, amazing birthday for me today.  I am not omniscient, but I predict MSU vs Miami in the Championship game.  What about you?  Enjoy the video that I had to put up due to losing a bet with a Hall of Fame NFL friend of mine.....  

Until my next inspirational moment....   Live, Love, and GIVE!!!

Yours Truly,
The Original Sports Girl
Beth R Silverberg