Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on Future Moments in Sports History and shout out to Marshall Faulk's event

The Sports Girls Gospel on Future Moments in Sports History and Marshall's event!
Day 5-16-13
Time 10:00 PM 
Music: This Crap that is on American Idol because my husband needs to see who wins!  PitBull the only good thing!
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Quote: "HEAT will REPEAT in the 305"

So I must comment that I have been trying to watch this Knicks game and my husband keeps putting American Idol on.   At least I got to see Mr. 305 with Jennifer Lopez the best talent this show has had all year thus far for two minutes.  I can go to sleep and feel like my time was not wasted.    I am sure I will see both of them at the "Flagship Lounge" at the upcoming HEAT finals!   Glad this Idol crap is finally done this evening...Congratulations Candice.   You will be the next Jennifer Hudson. BLAH BLAH BLAH 

I must say that I am very honored to have witnessed history this playoff season in Miami.  Most of all, and the best part of the games for me have been the Fox Sun Sports post interviews with Jason Jackson and the one and only John Crotty on Heat Live.   It is simply breath taking watching those two break down the semantics of these HEAT games.  I have seen interviews live with Miller, Wade, Haslem, BIRDMAN,"Caw-Caw-Caw" and of course, the MVP himself; Lebron James.  The intricate detail, immaculate content and snarky comments made by this duo can make a cave man come out of his one star crib to pay attention.  Jason can ad-lib a play sequence like Tom Brady can throw 60 yard spirals.  It is real entertainment.  I CAN'T WAIT TO BE PART OF IT!  Ok, I may not exactly be doing CROTTY'S CUTS, but I want to get both of these top broadcasting experts in on our "Inside Score" premiere. We will showcase the foundations, and positive events some of these athletes work so hard on to accomplish.  Show you what it takes to be a broadcaster!  Oh Yeah Baby!

 First, The HEAT has a mere 8 games to REPEAT in the Dirty South.  Blessed to witness game five last night at the AAA.  My ears are still ringing, and I made many new great friends including a very WELL KNOWN PGA golfer.   ( You have to love the Dewar's Club at the AAA).  We shall be court side for one of the HEAT Finals games so keep your eyes peeled boys and girls.  Yes, I will be the one in white.  (Snow, Egg shell, Pure White, or just plain white.)   Mr. PGA golfer who I shall not name I am counting on you for this.. You are the celebrity..... 

There are so many upcoming events in Sports that I must attend.   The 2013 NFL Professional Hall Of Fame Enshrinement, HEAT finals, 2013 Miami Dolphins training camp, and the ESPY's.  Does anybody want to clone me?  In all honesty there are a lot of upcoming events that intrigue me to no mans land.  I am extremely excited for Miami Dolphins Training Camp to start.  What are your thoughts pertaining to Mike Wallace?  Davon Bess is leaving the sunshine state for snow and ice in a state where dogs pee on the side walks. Cleveland. Notice any irony here?  Lebron leaves Cleveland and comes to Miami and a GOLDMINE follows!  BESS to Cleveland = Too Be Determined.  In between the Training Camp Sessions I am hoping that my inside main man HG with the Dolphins will see how much The Sports Girls have grown our business in just 9 months.  I NEED YOU HG!  He is the best at his job..  I mean that.  I will not sneak any pretty girls up in the media area I PROMISE! We are there to WORK!  Ok, sorry we got a little off of the topic here...

More on Hall of Fame Enshrinement next blog..  Too many details to work out with The Inside Score as some peeps from the NFL Network are being very very very kind to me.  Still working out the deets!

Where will Tebow go?  TRUE:  He is wanted in the AFL.  FALSE:  He wants to go.  In addition, So many players retiring because they are basically being thrown out of the NFL.  Hint?  He was to be a JET this year.  Injured knee and finally retiring after nine years in the NFL. Still don't know?  E-Mail me.

 Dirty Sanchez it looks like you may just get one more season.   Geno Smith could do what Mark thinks he can do in his sleep with some practice.   Sorry Bro...  EJ Manuel in Buffalo?  YOU GO WITH YOUR BAD SELF!  The USC QB didn't end up where he thought he would be.... Wow that rhymed.

Keep in mind that these are just random thoughts that pop into my head.  I am not looking at stats in most of these blogs, and just like to get reactions and see if there are as many sports freaks out there as I am.  This is not rocket science HOWEVER I DID PICK THE HEAT IN FIVE THE DAY I FOUND OUT THEY WERE PLAYING THE BULLS..  Yes males and females reading this, I indeed picked my nose. Just kidding.

Well, now that I have put my fingers to work I hope that you will forward to your friends and give me your ADVICE! 

 OOHHH - If you are at the Marshall Faulk Celebrity Championship Red Carpet Reception tonight GIVE OUT THAT MONEY!  OPEN YOUR WALLETS AND GIVE TO HIS CHARITY! I told you that there are good, charitable, honest retired athletes out there.  He is one of them.  GIVE TO LIVE!!

Will give more updates soon and HEAT recaps from the finals..  Pics and more fascinating information coming...

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