Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on Game 3 Miami HEAT VS PACERS

The Sports Girls Gospel on Game 3 HEAT VS PACERS
Day 5-26-13
Time 2:00 PM 
Music: Drop It Like It's Hot "Snoop LION or DOG"

Game 2 left the HEAT fans in the stands panting like a dog that has been outside in the South Florida heat without any water for two days.  To say that the loss was a shocker is an under statement.  This series is about two teams that are trying to prevent each other from obtaining the same goal.  WINNING.  Frank Vogel's Pacers are no joke.  Yes, the Miami Heat has overcome many critical obstacles this year including a not one hundred percent healthy Dwayne Wade averaging more than 30 minutes per game however, this war will continue on.  Synergy Sports reports that The Pacers use 19 post-ups per game and that is more than any team.

The HEAT want to take that from the mighty Pacers and force Roy Hibbert and David West to rethink their strategy.  The Miami Heat offense is always on the attack.   Vogel's defense is starting to pick up on their precious strategy.  The way for the HEAT to win Game 3 in Indy is to force turnovers that result in baskets.  Too many Pacer turnovers have resulted in the players gaining momentum only to miss the points that count.  With San Antonio ahead of Memphis in the Western Conference Finals 3-0, the likely hood of a HEAT VS SPURS final is looming in the air like the smog in Los Angeles.   

Lebron James is most defiantly the best player in the NBA today, however the HEAT must have a good first quarter in order to win game three.   What did head coach Erik Spoelstra have to say?  "If you don't prepare for it and have a game plan and a system and habits, they will absolutely pound you."  (Courtesy of Couper Moorhead Miami Heat News).   The Sports Girls will be eagerly watching game 3 with hopes that Lebron James has another 30+ game with a possible Triple Double.   Miami needs to get rebounds, hit from downtown, and take control of this game early.

I will see you all at game Five in Miami..   Until then LET'S GO HEAT!

Your Truly and forever
Beth Silverberg
The Original Sports Girl

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