Friday, March 15, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel on HEAT HISTORY

The Sports Girls Gospel on HEAT HISTORY

Date: 3-15-13
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So I have not written anything since the night before the Miami Heat Vs. Atlanta Hawks Game.  The HEAT players and staff have had my tongue tied and fingers crossed for the last five days.   I got home at 1:00a.m. after the LIVE filming of the "Heat Live" Post Game show with Jason Jackson and crew.   If you have never watched "Heat Live" on Fox Sun Sports, I highly advise that you do.  The show is very intriguing as Jax can ad-lib better than a penguin can slide on the snow and ice.   After spending time with Jax, the camera crew, the Udonis interview, and the post game antics I was ready to run a marathon.  Thanks to my peeps that came with me to the game...

I know everyone that is not a Miami Heat fan is getting sick of all of they hype, but I ensure you that sitting on the court watching the game as if I were able to reach out and touch "Birdman's" mohawk put it all into perspective for me.   Even if you dislike the HEAT, you cannot deny the talent is super duper special.  

There is electricity in that arena unlike anywhere I have ever been before.  (This is not even the playoffs.)  It is like that every single game.  Television does not do it justice.  I am telling you that even if you had the worst day of your life you would smile the minute the infamous flames ignite the AAA.  I am going to every home game that there is left.   I will not miss one unless I am in the ER.  If you have a chance to go to a HEAT game in your life time and you have never been, I encourage you to DO IT!  Tonight's game put the Miami Heat in the NBA record books on several accounts.  They have the 3rd best winning streak in the NBA of all time with #21inarow.  Hashtag it, Live It, Love it, as it is done.  The HEAT organization has won 50 games this season.  107-94 was the final score tonight just in case you are not paying attention.  

The HEAT have hit 21 wins in a row and 9 straight road game wins.  Lebron and Bosh both had 28 points and WADE had 20 points after an injury scare early in the game.  Is there any team that can stop this sensation?  I really like how their entire coaching staff is so humble.   They do not relish on the fact that they are making history.  They do not brag that they are the best team in the NBA.  They simply take each game as if it were the first game of the season.  The only thing that is expected of them is a win.  That is how you get to be the best.  As I quoted myself at the top of this page, "There can only be One number 1".  That #1 is the Miami HEAT.

Next blog will be all NFL news, gossip, and more..   We will give you more great HEAT news and broadcast live from the next home game against The Pistons a week from tonight.

Good night ALL!  Please post comments if you can.   I am not sure I allow comments as I am still trying to figure out how this blog thing works.   I did see that my posts have had over 993 views so IF YOU ARE READING THIS THANK YOU!  PASS THE BLOG ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS.  WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY TICKETS FROM THIS BLOG VERY SOON.  

P.S.  Now that Jeff Ireland and the Miami dolphins spent close to $100 Mil the last four days I have decided to renew my season tickets in the 3rd row on the field.  I also may have FORD FIELD passes for the season.  LOVE the NBA, but worship the NFL.....


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