Monday, March 11, 2013


The Sports Girls Lebron James Fever
The Sports Girls HEAT FEVER
Day 3-11-13
Time 10:05pm
Music: We are The Champions (Forgot who artist is)
Mood: Pumped
Quote: Success comes from never giving up
BodyByVi Shake:  Peanut Butter and Jelly

Well today has been a very very busy day in the NFL.  Boldin to the 49ers?  Harvin to Seattle?  Really, Seattle?  Who will be rule the West in the NFL this year?  It is funny how Jeff Ireland and the Miami Dolphins organization are desperate they sent 55 members of the organization to Combine in Indy.   The Dolphins are hoping to bring Mike Wallace to the dirty south.  They just agreed to pay Brian Hartline a fat $6 Million.  Actually, Brian is a pretty decent guy.  He did a great thing at The Davone Bess Foundation event I hosted last year.  I hope he can be as good on the field as he is a person off of it.  MMM I am calling you tomorrow to ask you a favor.   If you don't know who MMM is you must read my previous blog.   

Oh you want to know about the picture?  Sorry, my music was playing so loud I did not hear your question. (My friend Elana is asking me a question while I am typing.)   That is one of the three items I acquired at the recent charity event I attended.   This is an immaculate one of a kind limited edition signed piece by King James.  Yes, I said Lebron James is a king.  He is ruling the NBA no matter what all of the haters say.   I shall treasure it like all of my Gucci and Prada bags.  Art is priceless, and I consider this piece to be my newest treasure.   A famous friend of mine we shall call Super Summer has enough sports memorabilia to fill up a 5,000 square foot home.  Seriously, I cannot tell you what this man has in his home, but it is all collectable, and goes back to the 1950's.  His overall collection is estimated to be worth close to $55 Million dollars.   He is opening a museum of sports soon, so when he does I will reveal the name of Super Summer.   

Did I smoke today?  Sorry, I didn't hear the question because my printer just finished printing out the last of the HEAT tickets that I got from my amazing friend, radio talent extraordinaire, and Sports Girl Mia Harris.  I shall be on that court tomorrow against Atlanta. I will be there when the winning streak continues.  With that it is time to do my 100 sit ups before bed....  I hope that you had a wonderful day.  Feel Free to tell me how it was.. Elana is asking what is Body by Vi?  Only the fastest growing health and fitness company in the world!  Look it up.   Truly the best.  +Jules Buehler we are still waiting for you to join our team....

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Signing off for the evening....  Will you be watching the HEAT game tomorrow?  If you will be at the game, tweet me @Beth_Sportsgirl.