Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Sports Girls Gospel PRIME TIME to quit

The Sports Girls Gospel PRIME TIME to quit
Day:  Sunday March 9th
Time:  5:40pm  no scratch that forgot to switch clocks..  6:40pm
Music:  Butterfly "The Verve"
Mood:  Chill
Quote:  Make It happen

Check out SNOOP and PRIME together at the 2011 Hall of Fame Enshrinement party.

So after some long hard thinking, and good advice from a very smart person I am sad to say that DD is dead.  Yep, Dead so you will no longer hear any more about the list.  I know you are devastated.  You will have to endear some ranting and raving because I must admit that I, the Original Sports Girl am not perfect.  Yes Blogger world I admit it, I have a flaw. ( Many actually but who is counting?)  I need advice on this so please read this carefully.   I SMOKE CIGARETTES.  It is the only bad thing that I do.   I MUST STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES OR MY TV SHOW WILL FAIL.  I MUST STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES OR I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RUN for 45 minutes on a treadmill anymore without passing out.  I MUST STOP SMOKING SO MY FACE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A WRINKLED PRUNE IN 20 YEARS.  So here is what I have decided to do.
1.  Make myself stop smoking by punishing myself every time I have one.  (no clue what the punishment will be so any ideas are welcome....)
2.  Drink more water
3.  Try and make nice with Mr. Mean Media man ( identity I can not share ).  MMM works with an NFL organization and he doesn't like it when I smoke in the media section during these events.  MMM has been with this football team for a very, very, very, long time.  He and I got off on the wrong foot and with the draft coming up, I must consider ways to make nice..  I plan to be in NYC for the draft and will be fact to face with MMM in one month.
4.  Use my bloog..  Look it up on the internet if you don't know what that is..  They have many flavors..
5.  Make my husband known as BEAR in the world quit too.
6.  I may become a raving lunatic on the radio over the next few weeks so don't hold it against me.
7.  I NEED YOUR IDEAS ON HOW TO QUIT...  HINT..  GIVE ME A FUDGING HINT HOW TO DO THIS without taking it out on the radio and/or my clients....

March Madnesss starts on the 19th so I am going to begin to make my brackets.   I won $500 three years ago against a bunch of boys in this pool when I had no clue what I was doing.  Yes, in 2010 I indeed made history.   I doubt it will happen again.  At least I did not punch a UK fan at a dialysis clinic like that idiot from L'ville did this weekend.  What a true loser.. Was it DD?  Oops, DD is dead.  If you have no clue what I am talking about then you must read my previous blogs.

 Well they say ask and you shall receive...  I see that Kentucky wanted glory and John Calipari delivered it.  What makes Kentucky such a good college mens basketball team?  I really thought that there are a bunch of red necks in KY, and rednecks don't really like basketball.   They like NASCAR, and drink Pabst Blue ribbon.  (Ignore the spelling).  Anyway if I had pick four teams right now for the FINAL FOUR it would be.

1.  UK (rednecks need love too)
2.  Michigan State (GO GREEN)
3.  Ohio State.. ( Yes Murphy this one is for you )
4.  Syracuse ( I heart NYC)

Well enough ranting and raving for today... Going to smoke..  I do not start my quitting plan until tomorrow.  Needless to say the Artie Clear show may have one heck of a strange program tomorrow at 6PM with me on the air.    I will update you all on project QUIT manana..

Advice will be read but not always taken...

Yours truly,
The original sports girl..